Is It Finally Possible To Be Here With You 24/7?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one’s private and domestic spaces are revealed public for video conferencing. Being present becomes a virtual concept, as we need to learn how to make eye contacts with a camera in order to be engaged. How does it change the perception of being present? What emotions do the body arise? Is it finally possible to be here with you 24/7 captures a human who constantly tries to be with the audience through her camera in various domestic sceneries. The human is presented as an almost robotic being, who does not say a word but staring at the camera. Instead, her words are typed in a chat window, which is generated by a chatbot.
Web Developments: Marianne Noordzij
Program Producer: Florian van Zandwijk
Created during the Enter Online Residency of Het Nieuwe Instituut, NL

Web-based videos, chatbot, 2021
Link (temporary): https://video.enter.hetnieuweinstituut.nl/room/Shiyun_Deng_Is_it_finally_possible_to_be_with_you_247
Documentation: https://vimeo.com/693820206