Internet Objects

Polyester, nylon wire, projector, wood, hologram fan, shared bike, headsets, food delivery bags, speakers, paint, moving images

"A man, bikes on, an orange bike, after 3 women, who carry pink, green, teal cubes, behind them."

Internet objects contemplates the mixed reality of our life, which is a spectacle of physical objects and digital symbols merging together. In this reality, time is flattened by skeuomorphic symbols on a solid screen called the interface. Conversely, digital demands generate physical objects that are tokens. Triggering by this paradox, the work is framed in skeuomorphic objects such as clock emojis, fake screens, a shared bike and food delivery bags. It pieces together an illusional realm that juxtaposes object and symbol, where digital and physical objects merge their boundaries.

The installations consist of 3 connected parts. Hanging screens that reflect rapid-scrolling clocks projection; a standing shared bike with a hologram fan installed on a wheel, playing countdowns in a tekno soundtrack in a loop; 3 stacking food delivery bags with moving images of repetitive interations the body does with each of them.

Sountrack produced by Jochem van der Hoek